Power Operational
Optimization Consultant Engineering

بهینه سازی نیرو
بهینه سازی نیرو

About BSNE Co

The company has been established in 1991 in purpose of supporting power plants, distributing and invoking techniques, modern approach in mending and maintaining, research and development in order to improve exploitation, maintenance and mending manufacturing installation and also transfer and distribute the company.

بهینه سازی نیرو

Our Services

Power Operational & Optimization Consultant Engineering Co provide services like repair, operation, project management, design and installation of power plant equipment and petrochemical sites.


  • Engineering consultancy in manufacturing installation, distribution system
  • Research and development in purpose of efficient exploitation
  • Consultant in field of invoking techniques
  • Preparing manuals and standards & maintenance and safety
  • Consultant in using computer aid in electrical industry management


Some of the projects in which this company has been involved in:

  • Karoon 3 dam

  • Karoon 4 dam

  • RajaE dam

  • Lavarak dam

  • Masjed soleiman dam

  • Isin power plant

  • Booshehr power plant

  • Ramin Ahvaz power plant

بهینه سازی نیرو


Power Operational & Optimization Consultant Engineering Co have 28 years of Experience in working with Petrochemical and Power Industry and had an important roll in Iran power plants and power industry. Our company have been involved in operation, repair and maintenance of over 70,000 MW of Iran electrical power.

Production Management
70000 MW
Projects Management
Projects Manpower

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